Starting Over

I will admit it. I’m a blogging drop-out. Three times over. So why, one might ask, am I thinking the fourth time will be any different? Well, I don’t necessarily think it will be. But recently I’ve had the opportunity to join in with some wonderful writers at Sandbox to Socrates, and writing those articles rekindled my love of writing. Life does take over, and things do happen. This blog may not make it far. But, for now, I feel the desire to begin again, sharing my thoughts and ideas with whomever chooses to read them.

As my life is multi-faceted, this blog, too, will be multi-facated. Two of my previous blogs were fairly narrow in their focus, both dealing specifically with homeschooling. My third blog began as a place to post photos, grew into a blog focused on Down syndrome awareness, and eventually encompassed my life in general. There are still thoughts on my third blog that are relevant now; I may share some as I continue this journey. I could have revived that blog, but other than reusing the name, I felt a clean start with WordPress was in order.

My musings here will span from homeschooling, including homeschooling a child with special needs (Down syndrome in particular) to living out my Catholic faith. You, my readers, may not always agree with what I post; I do ask that if you choose to comment, even if it in disagreement, to please do so respectfully. I have found lately that the Internet seems to breed snark and general bullying. The anonymity encourages this as we forget the people behind the black and white words on a page are real people with real feelings and their own unique set of life circumstances. Common curtesy and a life of virtue are lost arts; we are working to instill both in our children.

I thank you for visiting my little corner of the blog world and invite you to stick around.


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